Botswana News

Economic Impact on Real Estate

As Botswana’s economy has garnered increasing international attention over the past few years, so has its previously rather overlooked real estate sector. Foreign investors have come in to finance office blocks, malls and residential development, bringing much needed modern property onto an undersupplied market. While the economic slowdown in 2015 and 2017 has had an effect on the market, economic and demographic fundamentals over the longer term are strong.


2019 Overview

Loyd Sungirirai gives overview of property market

Real Estate in Botswana has not been reported on publicly and consistently in this manner. This report sets out key facts about property in Botswana, we report on movements of a number of critical property variables, ranging from capitalization rates, rentals, escalation rates, land values, and operating costs for the non-residential property market, to changes in house prices and flat rentals in the residential property market.