What is Property On Call

Property On Call is a response to the ordinary person who aspires to invest in real estate, growth their real estate portfolio, get optimal performance from their real estate investment.

How Does it Work

Property On Call support team is a group of real estate professionals who are available to assist subscribers with whatever real estate matters or interests that they have. For optimal convenience consultation and instructions may be conducted through our POC1.0 mobile application These are amongst others include;


Investment Analysis

Due Diligence

Personal Investment Strategy

Funding structures and applications

Advice on Purchase/ Sales

Development Feasibility and many more

How do I subscribe

Complete and submit application form


  • Subscribing for Property On Call means that you have entered into a minimum 24 month contract to receive real estate investment advice, expertise and services as and when you need it. You are advised to download and register on our POC1.0 APP in order to have all the services at your finger tips everywhere you go.