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Who Got It Right?

When it comes to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the world is quite clearly divided into two factions: those who strongly believe that AI is more intelligent than the humans that created it and those who vehemently deny this. There are valid arguments on both sides. When talking ofRead More


Economists have been exploring people’s behavior for thousands of years, how we make decisions, how we act individually, in groups, and how we exchange value. They have studied the institutions that facilitate our trade such as legal systems, corporations and marketplaces. There is now a new technological institution that willRead More

Vantage Properties Secures Investment

In August 2020 Vantage Properties launched The online data analytics and automated valuation platform is set to change the real estate landscape, giving users the choice to automatically value their property or instruct a qualified and registered valuer to carry out a detailed valuation. Yesterday the Chief Executive OfficerRead More


Every field, whether in the public or private sector deals with documentation. The most common way to document information is through paper despite the technological advancements that have taken place over the past few decades. Paperwork is a catch-all term for the forms, contracts, reports, and other paper-based documents usedRead More

Top 5 Property Valuation Searches

Interesting topic today, what people search for on google is an indication of mindset trends and opportunities. Today we feature the TOP 5 Global Searches about property valuation

5. How to calculate market value of a property

The most interesting thing is why are people asking this question? It is not complicated to understand that 2020/21 have been really tough times. More than ever people want to know if the property they own can be their back up plan. Can it provide relief for their businesses cashflow? How much can they trully get if they tried to sell it. Knowing the value of a property can help you make the right decisions on your financial planning especially now when things are tough.

There are multiple Reasons one would want a market value

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Botswana Tourism Sector

It is undeniable that the sector was one of the hardest hit sectors both within the country and globally due to the travel restrictions. Hotels and guesthouses are currently operating with less than 10% occupancy in Botswana (Daily news). Some have resorted to offering their rooms for quarantine spaces toRead More