Navigating Real Estate in Botswana

  • Title of Workshop : Navigating Real Estate In Botswana
  • When: Wednesday 24 February 10 am and Thursday 25 February 2pm
  • How Much; P 850

The Botswana real estate market is quite peculiar in how it operates, the market fundamentals are often skewed but non market force influencers such as social programs, government declarations and mechanisms.

Sethebe Manake is an experienced real estate practitioner who has managed portfolios and transactions well over P 10 billion in Botswana, Southern Africa, East Africa, Asia and the UAE. An award winning trail blazer, founder and CEO of 2020’s Most Innovative Data Analytics Specialists in Africa, Vantage Properties.

The company has been providing market insights for over 12 years and servicing the likes of Time Projects, Debeers Group, SeedCo, various financial institutions and now is offering an opportunity to give you the tools to navigate this market a little better .

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  • Thank you for showing interest in attending the Navigation Real Estate Investment in Botswana Course. The course will cover; - Market Insights on the Property Market - Deed Dive on opportunities in resilient sectors and locations ( eg Gaborone, Kasane etc) - Accessing real estate finance in Botswana - Tools to use to quickly assess if an opportunity is viable
  • P 850 - (Eight Hundred and Fifty Pula) covers both sessions
  • Off Line payments to be made to: Vantage Properties Bank: First National Bank Branch : First Place Account Number : 62507671099 Ref: NAV(YOUR NAME)